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Living in Spain

                 How to Make the Right Decision

For many people, living or moving to Spain is one of the greatest advantages life has to offer.  Many of those who have traveled around the world and saw the best of Europe may agree to this claim and that is simply because Spain has a lot of wonderful things to give.


Yes, you heard me right.  Of the countries in Europe, Spain is said to be one of the most visited and thrived.  Several statistics have revealed that more than 2 million people around the world have come to visit and live in Spain each year for several good reasons.   These reasons may of course be personal, but many are triggered to live in Spain for all the wonderful things that Spain has to offer, including low cost of living, great climate, healthy and safe environment, and a lot more.


You want to know more about why people from near and far places prefer to move and live in Spain?  You probably have a friend who is currently enjoying everything Spanish.  Well, as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of reasons for living in Spain.  Some of them are mentioned below, so consider the following for these reasons might also be your reason.



Reason #1: Great Climate


Just like the rest of the Mediterranean regions, Spain enjoys the best climate in the whole continent of Europe.  Its provinces of Murcia, Castellon, Alicante, Balearas, Valencia and Almeria, for instance, are so blessed to have the great sun and sea, which compliment much of its pristine beaches.  What’s even nicer to know is that this climate is so fine all year round, the reason that many foreign residents of these provinces in Spain prefer to have their homes fixed during the low season months when visitors from near and far away places leave the country to do their own businesses outside Spain.  Simply put, the climate in Spain is warm enough for the tourists and locals alike to enjoy everything Spanish.



Reason #2: Rich Culture


Spain has its own culture.  However, unlike the other cultures in the world, the culture of Spain is so diverse and varied.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that throughout its long history, Spain has been the home to a number of races, including French, Romans, Moors, Iberians, and even Latin Americans.  


With such diversity, it’s no wonder that in Spain, you’ll get to experience a sheer variety of lifestyle.  This is very much evident anywhere in Spain that even if you just stroll or walk around some of the Spanish villages and towns, you’ll see yourself gradually learning something about it.



Reason #3: Healthy Outdoor Life


It’s already given that Spain has been enjoying the best climate in Europe.  Well, with a warm, inviting climate, it’s no surprise to know that Spain offers a healthy outdoor life for every traveler to enjoy.  Yes, there are a lot of things to see and do in Spain, so it’s always good to have enough time and energy when living in the country for you to enjoy the healthy lifestyle that it brings.  You can go swimming, walking, golfing, play some of the exciting water and winter sports, or do anything you wanted to do.  Whatever you may do, the country is for you.


Aside from that, Spain has a lot of festivals and events ready to welcome every person who wishes to live in Spain.  There are some fiestas out there that you can join if you want to experience both the 24-hour nonstop outdoors of Spain.  This is also a good way to learning more about the culture and lifestyle of the Spanish people.



Reason #4: A Unique Language


Spanish is the official language of Spain and is considered throughout the world as one of the leading languages on earth.  It is spoken by about 450 million of people in the country itself, as well as in the United States and Latin America, and being so popular, it’s no surprise to know that many of those who wish to move to Spain are interested in learning about the Spanish language.  Fortunately, a number of Spanish language courses are now offered in the country, as well as online, for these people to easily learn and comprehend everything about the language.



Reason #5: Friendly Locals


Generally, the Spanish locals are extrovert.  They are the ones who know exactly about the ways to enjoy life and the ways to make the most of their living.  They love socializing, partying, eating and meeting friends.  Aside from that, the Spanish are said to be loyal to their country, and they do not discriminate other races for they themselves have the history of racial diversity.  So those who wanted to live in Spain are welcomed not only because they are capable of leaving income for the country, but for the fact that they themselves are human beings.  With this kind of attitude, every person who wishes to move or live in Spain will surely enjoy making friends.




So you’ve learned why people from all walks of life prefer to stay and live in Spain.  Now, I guess it’s now time for you to know that living in Spain, although backed up with so many good reasons, is not that easy.  Moving to Spain is after all one of the biggest decisions you can ever make in your whole life.   As such, there are a lot of things to be considered and each process needs to be taken into account carefully.  So if you have plans of moving to and living in Spain, I bet you would be happy to know the following tips on how to make the right decision for moving and living in Spain.  Note that I have stressed all of these tips here knowing the fact that more and more people are now planning to live in Spain to benefit all that Spain has to offer. 


Here are the ways on how to make your life in Spain ultimate:



Tip #1:  Conduct a Thorough Research


Research…research…research… That’s one of the best primary moves you can take to make your life in Spain more memorable. 


Well, a thorough research is very much needed for the reason that finding and choosing the right property to invest in Spain is difficult.  It is difficult in a sense that there are a lot of options available for you to choose from, each boasting a quality that can be well worth considering.


Aside from that, what you may consider as perfect to live at before may not be perfect these days knowing that many of the properties in Spain have been tremendously destroyed by massive development in recent years.   In fact, while several construction projects in the country are continually considered, a number of the developers are now finding themselves left with a selection of properties that no one in this competitive world wants to buy.


With such facts, conducting a research regarding the right property and the right location is then very much important.  So before you start hunting for the right property, you should think first what makes a property in Spain “right”.  Be clear in your mind about what makes a property in Spain worth living.  Apart from this, try to ask yourself as to why you are investing for a particular property in Spain.  What’s your purpose?  Do you intend to make that investment as your holiday home?  Is that merely for money making venture?  Whatever your purpose is, make sure that you are certain about your plan and decision.



Tip #2:  Look for Certain Guarantees


Guarantees?  They’re possible and they’re available!


So when choosing the right property and the right location to move in Spain, take some time hunting for a property that offers a number of guarantees.  The Spanish law, for instance, has required the property sellers to provide a sort of “honesty” to those who buy their properties.   This simply means that those who purchase a property to live at in Spain has the right to ask and claim for all the registration guarantees that have something to do with the property for sale.  In addition, the purchaser can ask for a proof of payment for all the outstanding amounts prior to the completion of the said operation.  This must, however, be done in front of the so-called “Spanish Notary”.


When looking for guarantees, try not to go through with any deal unless you obtain the legal certificate for property ownership, which basically serves as a proof for your payments.  If you want to make sure that all of your transactions will run as smooth as possible, then it would be best if you’ll try to ask for an expert’s help.  Contact a Spanish lawyer for that matter, and to better make sure that you will be dealing with the best property, try to know even just a little knowledge of the Spanish language, particularly the real estate terms.


However, if you can’t handle the pressure of learning the Spanish real estate terms, there’s no better alternative to that than to contact a translator.  Yes, a translator who understands both Spanish and English can be of great help.  The good news is that they are available anywhere in Spain and the rest of the world these days.  You probably have a friend who learns to speak Spanish, so try to ask for their help. 



Tip #3:  Consider All the Possible Expenses


Living in Spain is not a light investment.  The truth is, it can be one of the biggest investments you can ever make.  You need to be ready not just physically and mentally, but more financially in order for you to live.  And, there’s nothing more important to do here than to budget everything at hand.


Budgeting can be a bit tough for the beginners, but as long as you know exactly everything about the possible expenses for living in Spain, the rest will turn out as smooth as possible.  So before you leave for Spain, do some budgeting.  Think about all the practical costs for moving and living in the Spanish country and make sure that you are financially stable before you make your transfer.


The cost for living in Spain, compared to the rest of Europe, is a bit cheaper.  However, it still depends on what kind of lifestyle you are living with and where exactly in Spain you want to move and live.  If in case you are living in the country and just renting a house, you probably may need to save much for the rental fee.  The rental fee in Spain is a bit high, thus it is important to find out exactly how pricey they are before you make your choice.  According to several reports, the rental fee in the non-tourist areas in Spain typically costs around 2.5 to 3.5% of the property worth.


On the other hand, if you want to buy a house in Spain for you to stay, the possibility is that you may pay for Spanish mortgages at a very cheap price.  The usual charge for that starts around 3% interest.


The housing cost is not just the vital factor to consider when budgeting for your stay in Spain.  There are still a lot more possible expenses such as electricity and water bills, gas, local taxes, cars, eating out, and of course, your grocery needs.  The costs for these necessities vary a lot depending on which part of the country you are living and where you are shopping.


Oops! When planning to live in Spain, you still need to think beyond those usual expenses.  What I mean here is that there are still other overheads you may need to think about, and that includes the extra expenses that are to some extent, unavoidable.


What are these extra expenses?


The extra expenses may include the taxes, mortgage expenses, services of your translators and legal advisors, as well as the notary services.  The notary services are by far the most important factor to consider here as this is required for every person planning to move or live in Spain.  The notary is the one who handles all the requirements and the processes for making your life in Spain perfect.



Tip #4:  Get All Paperwork Done


Heard about NIE?  What about a resident permit on arrival?  Well, both of these documents are needed if you want to move or live in Spain.  The NIE is basically the Spanish fiscal number required for every mover to obtain, while the resident permit on arrival is the document that serves as a proof of your entrance.


The NIE should be obtained prior to your arrival in Spain.  This is needed for the reason that it allows you to purchase and obtain a property in Spain.  If I were to define it, it would be your ticket to buying properties in Spain, and the good news is that the NEI is easy to apply, while the residence permits can take about six or seven months, or even longer, after the documents are presented.


Note that just like the other travel and residence documents, the paperwork needed for residence applications in Spain can be done according to certain requirements.  For instance, the documents that resident applicants may need to obtain depend largely on how old or young the applicant is, as well as how financially stable or unstable he or she is.  With this fact, it is then very much important to make contacts with a reliable and trustworthy adviser to know everything about this.



Tip #5:  Choose a Reliable Removal Firm


Transferring things from one place to another is a difficult task to consider, especially if you have no enough people to help you out.  It is here where the importance of removal firms comes in.


The removal firms are available anywhere in Spain these days.  They are run by small and large companies, but some have pretty good and trusted people.  So when planning to move or live in Spain, it would be best if you’ll contact one of these firms.  The removal companies can help you make the most of your transfer with their experienced and trained vehicles and staff.  They can help you pack all your belongings and what’s nice to know is that they charge pretty low for their packing, loading and unloading services.  However, it is still practical to keep an eye on your properties during the removal as much as possible.



Tip #6:  Be Happy and Enjoy Your Stay


So you’ve moved.  Hmmm…the next thing you can do now is to make the most of your stay in Spain.  How?  Well, just do everything you want while living in Spain.  You can go somewhere in the country, or explore the nearby places to get familiar with the place.  You can also enjoy traveling to some of the best attractions in Spain, indulge in a myriad of Spanish adventures, see and join festivals, make friends, or anything you wish to do.  After all, Spain has a lot of wonderful things to offer.

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