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Please read Page 9 of the Olive press publication Titled "HORRID HOLIDAY" 

"Horrid Holiday Experience When A British Family Fight For Compensation After Their Holiday Rental Booking is Cancelled One Day Before Travelling To Spain, The Family Loose 2,000 Euros In Holiday Rental Scam"

Booking a Holiday Rental Property is not always a pleasant experience for everyone.  Whilst the majority of Private Holiday Rental Property Landlords are genuine and trustworthy, care and caution should be exercised when parting with your hard earned money.

Always carry out your own personal checks and ensure that the Property Owners details have been verified on leading property portal websites.

Unlike the majority of property landlords, please note that the Albatros Villa is ID Verified


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How to protect yourself when booking a Holiday Rental Property


Call or speak to the owner or property rental company

Calling a land-line telephone number is very reassuring.  Make sure you feel comfortable with the person at the end of the telephone line and make sure that they answer your queries adequately.  Also make sure that you are happy with the way that they run their holiday rental business.  If the owner or the holiday rental company does not have, or does not provide you with a land-line number, or does not answer your queries adequately, conduct your enquiry with caution.

Albatros Villa:  Land-line telephone number +34 95 11 60 490


Ensure that you have a full name & address for the rental property and the owner

Check all the holiday rentals advertising details for the property in order to ascertain these details

Albatros Villa:  Dorota Wrona, Camino de Ardelejos s/n, 29120 Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga, Spain


Is the homeowner reputable?

One way of knowing this is to find out of the owner has a website and whether Google or Yahoo, have any details of their listings.  If type in the google search box, you will note that there are currently 2,980 listings for our Albatros Villa.  Furthermore, does the owner have anything other than a Yahoo, Google or Hotmail e-mail address.  Unlike other homeowners the Albatros Villa has its own dedicated e-mail address which is

Albatros Villa:  email:


Never pay more than the standard 30% holiday rental deposit

The holiday rental deposit in the majority of rental cases is 30% of the rental price agreed.  If you are asked to pay the full money upfront be very cautious and avoid the booking.  Never pay your deposit to a third party account to to a country that is considerably different to the rental property.

Albatros Villa:  Our rental deposit is only 30%


Always ensure that you are supplied with a written booking contract and a copy of the property owners terms and conditions

Never pay your deposit without receiving a copy of a booking contract and a copy of the homeowners terms and conditions.   Unlike the majority of holiday rental property landlords, please note that the Albatros Villa, provides all travellers, with a written confirmation enclosing copies of a signed booking contract and  terms and conditions.  You can download a copy of the Albatros Villa terms and conditions at:


Keep a copy of all correspondence

Always ensure that you keep a record of all communications with the homeowner or rental company and check for any discrepancies or errors.  Check that the property being advertised, is indeed the property being let and that it belongs to the owner.

Albatros Villa:  We answer all e-mails adequately within 24 hours


Ensure that the home owner accepts other means of payment other than cash or bank transfer

Be caution where the home owner is asking for payment in cash or via western union or other money gram orders as this is likely to be a scam

Albatros Villa:  Unlike the majority of rental property landlords, please note that the Albatros Villa, accepts credit and debit cards through PayPal with a 3.5% service charge.  This allows you greater security.