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EHIC Health Insurance


European Health Insurance Card EHIC

Please note that the new European Health Insurance Card, commonly referred to as the EHIC card, replaces the previous E111 medical card and is valid in all European Countries.

If you are travelling abroad, you must ensure to take this European Health Insurance Card with you so that you may be covered for any unexpected accidents, emergencies or illnesses.

If you are a UK or European resident, and you are travelling to a country in the European Union, you are automatically entitled to any medical treatment which becomes necessary at a discounted cost or sometimes without charge. This is for treatment that is otherwise covered under the state jurisdiction.

If you are looking to travel to Spain, either on a Holiday Vacation or Business, you can apply for your EHIC card by calling the number 0845 606 2030. Alternatively, you can order your EHIC card by visiting the WEBSITE If you already have the EHIC card, then please check the expiry date before you travel as the cards are only valid for 5 years and may have already expired. You may apply for a replacement card 6 months before the expiry of your existing card.

To obtain a new EHIC, or to renew an existing card, you will need to call the number given above or visit the EHIC WEBSITE. When calling, you will be asked to provide your First Name and Surname, together with your date of birth and national insurance number. For all enquiries relating the the EHIC card, you can also call 0845 605 0707

If you have any problems getting through to the above, you can also apply for your FREE European Health Insurance Card, by visiting the following website and filing out the application form. You must be over 16 years to apply for the EHIC. Residents of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are excluded.

Don't take the risk of travelling to Spain without your EHIC card as accidents can happen and the costs of emergency health-care can be quite expensive in foreign countries. Even if you do not have an EHIC card, then we strongly recommend taking out a private medical insurance cover for your planed visit, especially when children and the elderly are travelling.

What is Covered In Spain

Doctor Consultation
This is free if state-provided. You must present your EHIC and ask for state-funded health-care

Hospital Treatment
This is Free. You must present your EHIC on admission or be charged as a private patient. GP's referral is required unless it is an emergency

You will have to pay up to 40% of cost (free with proof of being a UK pensioner). This is non- refundable in Spain

Other Notes
Health authorities are not all the same in Spain and accordingly the systems differ drastically. Some facilities offer both private and state-provided care

Please note that the new  European Health Insurance Card, commonly referred to as the EHIC card, replaces the previous E111 medical card and is valid in all European Countries.

Which Other Countries are covered by the EHIC

 Austria  Greece  Netherlands
 Belgium  Hungary  Norway
 Bulgaria  Iceland  Poland
 Cyprus not including North  Ireland  Portugal
 Czech Republic  Italy  Romania
 Denmark  Latvia  Slovakia
 Estonia  Liechtenstein  Slovenia
 Finland  Lithuania  Spain
 France  Luxembourg  Sweden
 Germany  Malta  Switzerland

Travel Insurance

If you do not have an EHIC card and are traveling with infants, children, the elderly or whilst pregnant, we would strongly recommend taking out a single cover travel insurance or an annual multi trip travel insurance if you are travelling regularly.  This could save you a considerable amount in unexpected medical and emergency costs.  Please find enclosed a link to a subsidiary of, a comparison website we have found to be very good for competitive rates on Travel Insurance.  Compare over 450 travel insurance quotes and policies within seconds and just one click for the cheapest quotes.